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H:::::::H     H:::::::H                                        k::::::k                                          d::::::d
 HH::::::H     H::::::HH                                        k::::::k                                           d:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H     aaaaaaaaaaaaa       cccccccccccccccc  k:::::k    kkkkkkk  eeeeeeeeeeee         ddddddddd:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H     a::::::::::::a    cc:::::::::::::::c  k:::::k   k:::::k ee::::::::::::ee     dd::::::::::::::d 
  H::::::HHHHH::::::H     aaaaaaaaa:::::a  c:::::::::::::::::c  k:::::k  k:::::k e::::::eeeee:::::ee  d::::::::::::::::d 
  H:::::::::::::::::H              a::::a c:::::::cccccc:::::c  k:::::k k:::::k e::::::e     e:::::e d:::::::ddddd:::::d 
  H:::::::::::::::::H       aaaaaaa:::::a c::::::c     ccccccc  k::::::k:::::k  e:::::::eeeee::::::e d::::::d    d:::::d 
  H::::::HHHHH::::::H     aa::::::::::::a c:::::c               k:::::::::::k   e:::::::::::::::::e  d:::::d     d:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H    a::::aaaa::::::a c:::::c               k:::::::::::k   e::::::eeeeeeeeeee   d:::::d     d:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H   a::::a    a:::::a c::::::c     ccccccc  k::::::k:::::k  e:::::::e            d:::::d     d:::::d 
HH::::::H     H::::::HH a::::a    a:::::a c:::::::cccccc:::::c k::::::k k:::::k e::::::::e           d::::::ddddd::::::dd
H:::::::H     H:::::::H a:::::aaaa::::::a  c:::::::::::::::::c k::::::k  k:::::k e::::::::eeeeeeee    d:::::::::::::::::d
H:::::::H     H:::::::H  a::::::::::aa:::a  cc:::::::::::::::c k::::::k   k:::::k ee:::::::::::::e     d:::::::::ddd::::d
HHHHHHHHH     HHHHHHHHH   aaaaaaaaaa  aaaa    cccccccccccccccc kkkkkkkk    kkkkkkk  eeeeeeeeeeeeee      ddddddddddddddddd

Now our Patience is Over..
Listen Political Mafia!! We can't allow you anymore to mess with our country.. Read the whole message carefully..
" Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, and his whole family, We are observing you from Panama Case hearing, first to last day untill you disqualified."
As you and your ex-party always used a word for theirselves "democratic". We'd seen your democratic behaviour during the whole case. We never were in the favour to expose ourselves like this but now you forced us to do that. If you thinks this country is yours and whole citizens of Pakistan are your slaves, then now we are challenging you, Pakistan is our country, it's Quaid's country, it's the country of 193.2 million people and we will get it back from you mafia. "ROK SAKO TO ROK LO".

Respectable Judges!!
Now this if for you..
You're the last legal hope for Pakistan Nation. We know how much this mafia threatened you, Just because of the attack at court we finally came live to mortify the intensions of these Indian agents. As the Security forces already said that they are with constitution. Then you dont need to be afraid of this motu gang. Yeh garajnay walay baadal hain. They forgotten the Merciful Allah Almighty who created them. They thinks they are God. But every climax has declination. You'd wrote your name in history by fighting with this corrupt gang. May Allah Almighty give you long life and respect. Aameen
Our Proud (Armed Forces Especially Pak Army)
We wants to say you that..
We can't forget your sacrifices. We salute you, you're proud of us. But please we cannot afford another martial law. You're doing your job very effeciently. We are in great crisis. We need shadow of your protection. We can't heard the bullshits against you from this corrupt mafia.

Listen whole nation..!! We were silent because we were working to collect the details of these Pakistan Enemies. Upcoming days, We are going to leak another database of the accounts these people holding in foreign countries. Get ready for another leak, bigger than Panama.


Last Line for you Mariyam Nawaz!! We are anonymous. We don't forget, We don't forgive. We are going to expose your media cell soon..!!
PakistaN Zindabad